Grace Glass

Grace Glass

Of all the industry-leading brands Dopeboo features, Grace Glass is one of the most visionary glass water pipe companies out there. Since its establishment in 2010, this brand quickly rose to the top of the glass industry by providing premium glass products at an affordable price.

With their headquarters in the international scene for herb culture in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Grace Glass is very in touch with their consumer culture that has inspired over 300 of their intelligent product designs. Their heavenly best-selling bongs are intricately crafted while remaining sturdy with powerful percolators and savvy ice catchers with notches alongside the main cylinder to hold your ice in place. Every one of their playful bubblers, creative glass water pipes,and trendy accessories are manufactured with their community of bong enthusiasts in mind from the passionate lover to the aficionado. Whether you’re in the market for a lab inspired scientific bong, an innovative recycler bong or a classic straight-stem bong, Grace Glass offers an inspiring bong for every kind of fan.

When you’re on the search for premium glass pieces, straight stem bongs are always a classic choice. These sleek tubed water pipes are constructed of long, lined necks with a water chamber and sometimes a percolator (perc) fixed between the piece. Modern-day straight stem bongs are now engineered with high-quality materials like thick scientific glass and minimal brand detailing that sparkle and outshine more traditional psychedelic bongs that can look dingy. Equipped with removable downstems, handy slide bowls and a slew of innovatively stylized water filtration systems that range from honeycomb, sprinkler and showerhead percs to insanely crafted matrix percs, straight stem bongs are more elegant than ever before.

Dopeboo’s online head shop is proud to offer one of their most coveted glass pieces, their Straight Tube Spiral Perc Bong.This Grace Glass bong is handsome and elegant while remaining highly functional. With it's 7mm thick borosilicate glass, straight yet wide mouthpiece with a polished black rim, detachable slitted diffuser and an eye-popping black spiral percolator that stands out against the bongs light sliver to clear body - it's one of a kind. Its durable 11cm downstem can be removed easily while its wide 18.8mm flower bowl has a crystal clear glass handle that looks like it's made for a wizard. It’s special black splash guard even prevents water from ever entering your mouth for smooth and silky inhales that are expertly filtered.

You can’t go wrong with a Grace Glass bong. From the inside out, every one of their uniquely stylized bongs are built to impress the most scrutinizing herb connoisseur. Their high-end percolator bongs have been satisfying their customers since 2010 and they don’t intend to stop anytime soon.

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