GRAV 7" STAX Straight Bong Base w/Turbine Perc

Height: 7 inches

Experience total diffusion with the hydrodynamics of this powerful piece! From the one-of-a-kind STAX collection for the perfectly personalized pipe, this highly scientific base is sure to send smoke through your stack with an incomparable start. Simply pop on your favorite inserts and mouthpiece to experience the next-level filtration of this perc duo. A unique direct inject sends smoke bubbling through a stereo perc diffuser and 4-cut directional turbine disc. Crafted from the iconic quality of Austin’s GRAV, this piece stands sturdy and strong against breakage with tough-as-nails borosilicate glass construction. The straight tube silhouette is further stabilized by a flared base and two-pronged Dewar’s joint. It’s a flawless start to any STAX creation! After a few uses, it’s even easy to keep clean unlike most other multi-perc pipes. The maneuverable 7-inch straight tube is simple to soak and run under the sink with any struggle, thanks to the forward-thinking engineers that placed the joint where enthusiasts usually find their cleaning tools just out of reach.