Boo Glass

Boo Glass Cyclone Helix Bong

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Woah. It just got real. This dual use recycler rips like butter. In 11 inches of impressive craftsmanship, the Boo Glass Cyclone Helix doesn’t miss a single deluxe detail. Double recyclers pull smoke through the barrel perc multiple times before sending goodness through the bent neck mouthpiece. The water pipe features an incredible scientific glass shape that gets jaws dropping. It’s fitted with a 90-degree, 14mm female joint with a frosted glass finish. The Cyclone Helix includes a deep bowl slide that’s easily upgraded to your favorite 14mm nail for concentrate pleasure. The joint is also reinforced with a second prong for long-lasting durability. Treat yourself to superior pipe performance. Crisp, clear glass is styled with sharp blue accents that give the piece a sophisticated aesthetic. This epic silhouette will be lifting your spirits every time you look at its show-stopping design on the coffee table. Prepare for powerful puffs.