Juicy Jay's

Juicy Jay's

Looking to drag out your smoke sesh, circle up with some friends and get the most taste from your legal dry herbs and flowers? If so, head to the online smoke shop and click into the collection of DopeBoo smoking accessories. Here you will find the best rolling papers, one of which is Juicy Jay's rolling papers. 

The history of rolling papers is extensive, dating back decades as competitors sought to make the best tasting and best burning papers. Juicy Jays is a brand that kept up with the competition and made some of the most popular products out there. With not just Juicy Jays, but Lava Jays and Cool Jays, they’re obviously doing something right.

Bongs and vaporizers are great for your herbs, flowers and waxy materials, but rolling is a completely different experience - one that’s unique, fun and great for socializing as you pass around during a group smoke sesh. Smoking connoisseurs and newbies alike can appreciate the technique, skill, and focus that goes into rolling. Prep your herbs, line them down the center of your rolling paper, roll, seal, light up and enjoy. This way, you get the most of your herbs from start to finish.

RAW rolling papers are a favorite of many, thanks to their Organic Rolling Papers that cut out the harmful chemicals and processing, allowing you to enjoy your legal products while taking it easier on your lungs. Juicy Jays also take this into account, making their papers with a natural, plant-based blue. They’re also crafted with a special watermark that means you get a slow, even burn. No uneven burning, wasteful ashing or quick burning down, means you get to enjoy every last bit of your herbs. But to be honest, you probably landed on this brand because you’ve heard all about the great flavor options that they have to offer. You’re right, and they’re also triple dipped for a massive punch of flavor that will have your taste buds wanting to come back for more.

Let’s get down to one of the best parts, if not the best part of smoking with Juicy Jays - the flavor. If you’re looking for something sweet, marshmallow, milk chocolate or chocolate chip cookie are definitely going to be your go-to. But you can also reach for a bold blackberry brandy, black magic, absinth or Jamaican rum option. Juicy Jays started with the watermelon flavor, so don’t be afraid to go back to the old school fruity flavors like orange, blueberry, Mello mango, strawberry kiwi, cherry and a ton more. Look through the entire selection of Classic 1-¼” Size Flavored Rolling Papers and push your favorites into your shopping cart. After all, DopeBoo is the go-to spot for where to buy rolling papers online.

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