Kush Papers

Kush Papers

It’s time to get serious about your rolling papers. Not all papers are created equal and that should be apparent from the last time you rolled that weak pinner!  Kush papers are made from organic eco-friendly materials and burn even and slow. Each Kush paper has a built-in watermark which prevents canoeing and channeling when you smoke. So, no more weak pinners!

Take a look at DopeBoo’s stock of smoking accessories and 100% natural hemp papers by Kush. These papers come in a pack of 32 and each paper has a strip of natural gum along the edge to give you a perfect seal every time. Each paper comes with a crease down the middle to help you hold your dry herb while rolling. This will help reduce mess and make the whole rolling process easier and quicker.

Fun fact: Kush originally designed and marketed their papers to the medical industry. After several years of development, they became a well-known and revered supplier of smoking papers. Soon after reaching this milestone, Kush began selling directly to head shops, such as DopeBoo. Now, Kush offers a wide variety of hemp papers and a variety of flavored products such as mint, cherry, berries, kiwi strawberry, lemonade, sweet, and grape. They even have Rastafari themed papers!

The bounty of natural products offered from Kush may be overwhelming. However, the Kush line of rice papers is worth taking a look into. Rice paper is strong which means it can be made much thinner. The thinness makes for much less ash and residue from the paper. These rice papers also burn slower which makes for a smoother and more enjoyable smoke.

The Kush line of hemp papers are an excellent choice because they burn well, they are cheap, and they come from a sustainable and biodegradable plant. The thickness of hemp papers, which is quite a bit thicker than rice-based paper, can be easier to hold and work with when rolling. For these reasons, hemp is often preferred over other materials for rolling.

Another great feature of Kush hemp papers is the taste. Research shows that many smokers prefer the taste from hemp rolled cigarettes and joints over other materials. With the low price of these papers, it is definitely worth a try to see what you think and compare them to other papers you already have around your house.

Get your next set of Kush rolling papers from your favorite online head shop. DopeBoo rolling papers are the ideal smoking accessory that every smoker should have in stock. So if you or a friend are ever wondering where to buy rolling papers online, remember that all the classic rolling papers, such as Kush and RAW, are right here! Get papers and other great smoking accessories, vaporizers and our best selling bongs and best vaporizers at your friendly online head shop, DopeBoo.
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