Bongs are pieces of art that are perfect for a solo smoke sesh or gathering with friends. If you think a bong might be the right piece for you, dive into the online head shop and check out the massive array of premium DopeBoo glass pieces. There you’ll find the best bongs on the market and the most expensive bongs on the market if you’re someone looking to smoke like a king or a queen.

When it comes to selecting the right bong for you, it’s not just about grabbing the first one you see. In the collection of bongs and water pipes, you’ll find scientific bongs, beaker bongs, and straight tube bongs, all loaded with different types of features to amp up your smoking experience. You have percolators, weighted bases, arched mouthpieces, deep-loading bowls and a ton of other details that can amp up your experience and make it everything you’ve hoped and dreamed of. Weigh the pros and cons of each and decide what you want your smoke sesh to look like. If you’re looking for a sure pick, one that will never disappoint, spend some extra time on Long Bong.

You’ll see the Long Bong is known by everyone as the biggest bong in the world. That in itself makes it an easy choice for experienced smokers. Standing almost 60 inches tall, The Stanley Long Bong is basically a piece of decor in your home or apartment, standing high with a beautiful silhouette and jaw-dropping design. It’s known as a luxury piece, unlike any other on the market, earning a top spot in the collection of the best bongs out there.

The Stanley Long Bong is made out of hand-crafted crystal glass, wrapped up in discreet packaging that keeps your product safe but doesn’t draw any unwanted attention as it shows up on your doorstep. The bulb holds a whopping 8.1 liters of water for max filtration with a variety of interchangeable mouthpieces included to customize your experience or share it with friends. Hate to spend hours taking everything apart for cleaning? Long Bong has you covered with dishwasher-safe accessories and a break-down design that makes all nooks easy to access. Once your smoke sesh is done, or if you’re just taking a break, pop the included cap on and keep the lingering aromas at bay.

To get the most out of your glass water pipe, make sure you have the right accessories stocked up in your smoking collection. Whether it be replacement parts, cleaning tools or carrying cases for your other smoking devices, the DopeBoo collection of smoking accessories has it all. If you’re going for the Stanley Long Bong, grab something like the Santa Cruz Medium 4-Piece Herb Grinder to prep your herbs, a Cvault Storage Container for keeping the fresh in between smokes and cleaning tools for keeping your new piece sparkling clean after every single use. 

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