Boo Glass

7 Inch Donut Bong for Fun Filled Times

New Addition!  7 Inch Donut Bong for Fun~

Looking for something to smoke with that won't take up the whole table, but not interested in just the basic pipes and bubbler all your friends have?  Well, look no further. 

The 7" recycler pipe comes with a thumb hole to make it easier to hold as well as coming in an assortment of colors.  The 45* downstem has a built-in perc at the bottom to provide filtration for your smoke.

While the piece is part of our small and mini bong collections, do not let looks or size fool you, this piece will have you flying as high as any larger pipe would after just a few hits and have fun doing it!

Bong Details:

  • 7 Inch Bong
  • Includes 14mm Male bowl
  • 45 degree downstem w. built in perc
  • Comes in several fun colors