Monkey Pipe

Monkey Pipe

Looking for the perfect pipe? You’re on the right page. The DopeBoo online head shop is proud to carry Monkey Pipe, an American-made brand, putting out some beautiful pieces. Crafted in Oregon, each of these pipes is custom finished by hand, so you’re getting a custom piece that has been looked over meticulously to ensure perfection. You know something is good when others are trying to mimic it. Make sure you watch out for Monkey Pipe knock offs. A true Monkey Pipe is going to stand out with the iconic eye logo. What has made them stand out from the competitors and make every other brand want to be them? Check out the revolutionary swivel lid. Once you see that, you’ll know it’s a Monkey Pipe piece.

The Monkey Pipe swivel lid is a big deal. It keeps your bowl fresh, so if you smoke a bit and want a break, you can pick it up later and enjoy the same freshly packed taste. It also helps prevent those annoying spills, so once you smoke, the ash is going to stay in place, instead of ending up on your clothes or all over the floor. You might already be thinking, okay, this is the best hand pipe, but there are a ton of other qualities that you should know about when opting for this stealth pipe. Stealth pipes are often a favorite because they’re discreet, they’re slim, they’re easy to bring on the go and just as easy to tuck away. Out of Dopeboo’s entire collection of bongs and water pipes, you should definitely have a stealth pipe or two in your collection. Another feature to admire with Monkey Pipe products is their ventilation holes. These cool the smoke and make sure you get to enjoy smooth pull after smooth pull.

You don’t want a piece that’s not going to last. Pipes are already known to be long-lasting. They don’t operate on batteries, they don’t need to be plugged in, and you aren’t going to run out as you would with rolling papers. Pipes are reliable, they function great and there are tons of options to choose from. Monkey Pipe has all of these features in its favor but also has crafted its products with some of the best materials to ensure your pipe stays in pristine condition. A nickel-plated mouthpiece makes sure your lips stay cool against the pipe’s surface, and aluminum or stainless steel components are sturdy and simple to clean. If you’re looking for something different than your traditional assortment of glass pipes, Monkey Pipe is definitely the brand for you. Their products are crafted out of different hardwoods to offer a classy look that stands apart from everyone else’s piece.

When looking at the pipes for sale in our collection, Monkey Pipe obviously stands out as one of the best wooden pipes on the market. Two favorites are the Original Monkey Pipe and the Monkey Pipe Oregon Trail Pipe. The Original as a full-swivel lid to hold your materials in place and features the traditional hardwood design, but this wooden pipe can be customized with a variety of colors, so when you open your bowl, you can make a statement. The Oregon Trail pipe also features the classic wooden design, but a winding visible smoke trail stands out on the top, creating a mesmerizing show as you light up. With either of these options, you’re going to impress everyone in your smoke sesh.

Make sure you’re ready to light up, enjoy and clean up by stocking up on smoking accessories.. Prep your legal dry herbs with your favorite grinder, stock up on adapters, ash catchers and mouthpieces, or look through option add-ons like dabber sets and rolling trays. Whether you’re looking for a bong, a pipe, rolling papers or vapes, we have all of the add-ons you need to make the most of your session.

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