Original Cones

Original Cones

Traditional rolling papers can be a lot of fun to hand roll, however, these smoking accessories can also be frustrating to roll correctly for a smooth finish without any tears. While these classic type of rolling papers may be designed using a plethora of materials, with various sized leaves and gum lines derived from different natural ingredients, there’s only one brand that manufactures pre-rolled rolling papers that work marvelously and that’s theOriginal Cones. Crafted from high quality rice papers that are air-tight and rolled with an integrated cardboard filter built right into the base, these original cones can pack ground dry herb efficiently for well-rounded joints that burn smoothly to get the best flavors out of your favorite strains.

Specifically, Dopeboo’s featured Original Cones come in four distinguishable sizes that are useful for different occasions. Consisting of either a small size at 80 millimeters in length, a king size at 109 millimeters in length, a party size at 140 millimeters in length and an enormous giga size that’s a whopping 280 milameters in length, these Original Cones are well prepared to get the job right for a very enjoyable smoking experience. While Dopeboo’s online head shop offers an expansive collection of modern Dopeboosmoking accessories, including trendyRaw organic rolling papers, scientifically inspiredbest selling bongs, industry leadingbest selling vaporizers, and portablevaporizers, our Original Cones offer smokers an incredibly convenient product that takes the stress out of rolling the perfect joint every time.

Established in 1994, in sunlit Southern, California, with the intention of distributing these paper cones throughout North America, Original Cones claims to be Europe's most popular brand of ultra-thin pre-rolled rolling papers. Originally designed in Amsterdam, Original Cones pre-rolled rolling papers have had widespread success worldwide as a reliable smoking accessory that replaces the work of having to roll your own joints. By using the highest quality of classic or natural and unbleached rice paper, Original Cones supplies their customers with smooth and durable pre-rolls that pack ground herb perfectly for joints that look like they were hand rolled by an expert. Best of all, every pre-roll by Original Cones burns slowly for a timely smoke.   

Dopeboo’s assortment of Original Cones include pre-rolls that are small enough to use everyday as well as much larger sizes that are guaranteed to be the life of any party or small gathering. All you have to do is ground your dry herb, fill up your preferred size of one of the Original Cones and you’re ready to light up and enjoy a well-lit smoking experience. With Dopeboo’s fast and free shipping, your next order of Original Cones can be in your hands in no time! Just browse our online head shop for a package of one of our original cone rolling papers for a size that’s right for you.

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