Boo Glass

Boo Glass HoneyVac Nectar Collector with Titanium Tip

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The “HoneyVac” has finally arrived! This new nectar collector is an awesome dab rig alternative. The device features three parts: a spill proof glass diffused water chamber, a durable titanium nail, and 14mm glass mouthpiece attached by keck clip. Simply torch the tip like you would on a rig, then “sip” your vapor like you would with a straw with a light touch of your favorite waxy extracts from any heat resistant surface. You’ll immediately understand why this next-generation device has been an instant hit! Unlike a rig, the nectar collector is ready to go wherever, whenever. The “HoneyVac” measures 13 inches in length, complemented by a 14mm joint. This incredible device is sure to make an impression on the crew, who will wonder why they’ve been tethered to their homes with a rig for so long! Just make sure they BYOC, and don’t be surprised when they start showing up with a nectar collector of their own!