Boo Glass

Boo Glass Male Slide w/Built-In Screen

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Ready for a water pipe upgrade? You might think that your ordinary bowl for smoking was just fine, but there’s always improvements to be made, my friend. First off, this is technically a slide, which just means it’s a bowl attachment to be used with water pipes, and it has some extra features that probably didn’t come with the original slide included in your bong kit. This male slide features a small handle that makes removal and cleaning a breeze. There’s also something hidden in this male slide that’s difficult to see but will drastically improve your smoke seshes: a built-in screen ensures that no burnt particulates will trick into the downstem and bong, leaving your bong, smoke and lungs dirtier than they need to be. This little screen will help to soften your smoke and give it better flavor--all with a tiny glass screen! Available in 14mm or 18mm sizes, you can choose from green, blue, or black glass for this male slide.