Boo Glass

Boo Glass Slide with Color Accents

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Add a little flare to your favorite water pipe with this charming funnel slide. Each handcrafted silhouette is one of kind. Because no two are alike, color combinations are chosen at random for a fateful fun surprise! These bowl slides are designed for peak performance on a rubber grommet bong. An enchanting spiral of color swirls its way around each funnel, enhancing the clear glass with a touch of personality. This piece is versatile enough to blend with any grommeted water pipe design. You might even grab a few for back up at such a reasonable price -- so you never find yourself in a broken slide pickle late one night! The funnel bowl is deep set to hold a generous portion of your favorite ground material. That means you only have to load it up once and never have to pause the fun! Which water pipe will you pair it with?