Boo Glass

Boo Glass Mini Glass Elephant Hand Pipe

As time passes, we all develop affection for our favorite pipes. We might even personify them, even if it’s just an old spoon pipe or something ordinary. However, there’s absolutely nothing ordinary about this adorable elephant hand pipe which is undoubtedly cute from the start. This baby elephant pipe might be tiny, but its deep bowl packs quite a punch. Four little legs let you stand this pipe upright, stopping any herb spills or breakage from falling over. The unique shape of the pipe also makes it easy to hold. The elephant’s trunk is actually the mouthpiece, and you can use a hole in the back as a carb hole to control the airflow and maximize your herb supply. Enjoy this little pachyderm pipe on the go, out with friends, or even kept at home for your daily smoke sesh. Available in red, green or blue, this elephant pipe is the perfect gift for animal lovers and herbal enthusiasts alike.