Purr Glass

Purr Glass

If you’re looking for a contemporary glass piece that represents a crossover between a traditional bong and a hand pipe, then a portable glass bubbler might be the perfect addition to your glass collection. That’s because glass bubblers offer the portability of a hand pipe with the added diffusion of water pipe for a convenient glass piece that diffuses your smoke excellently for smooth vapors with every bubbling inhale.

The featured Purr 2Go Travel Bubbler by Purr is one of our most high functioning scientific glass bubblers. Known for its contemporary “hammer style,” this travel bubbler includes a 14mm female diffused downstem that’s reminiscent of a traditional bong and is positioned within a detachable glass junction and water chamber for expert filtration of your smoke or vapor. Like its nickname suggests, this hammer style Purr glass bubbler is incredibly powerful and can get the job done efficiently.

Manufactured from thick borosilicate glass that’s heat resistant and inspired by the glass beakers found in science labs, the Purr 2Go Travel Bubbler uses a polycarbonate injection molding process that guarantees a high-quality standard for a long lasting glass product. This hammer style glass bubbler is unique in that it can support smokers who prefer both dry herb strains as well as wax concentrates. With a detachable mouthpiece, junction and water chamber as well as a removable diffused downstem, a 14mm female joint, an American made, grade 2 titanium nail for concentrates and a glass bowl dry herb, the Purr 2Go Travel Bubbler is well designed to be sturdy and reliable. This portable glass bubbler can filter your smoke or vapor expertly for a luscious smoking or vaping sessions every time. Best of all, it’sremovable mouthpiece allows you to customize your rig with another detachable mouthpiece of the opposite gender for maximum versatility. This feature can also streamline your cleaning process by making it so much quicker with the various deconstructable pieces that can come apart with ease.

Founded in 2003 byastruggling artist and college student namedChad Zindroski who had a strong desire to craft high-quality pipes that are both affordable and aesthetically sensible, Dopeboo’s showcased Purr 2Go Travel Bubbler is responsible for revolutionizing your traditional glass bongs, bubblers, and water pipes. With a mission to provide its customers with high-quality handcrafted glass water pipes and bubblers that are moderately priced, Purr is a well-respected glass brand within the industry. We're is proud to feature this glass manufacturer because it is dedicated to evolving their unique designs and business practices to meet the needs of their customers. Dry herb and concentrate enthusiasts alike value Purr’s high functioning glass pieces because their products are not only efficient but deconstructable and portable too.

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