With a thin, USA made stainless steel wire that’s cleverly built in for versatile handling, Randy’s Wired Papers work exceptionally well. For those of you dry herb connoisseurs and indie smokers that dig rolling your own joints and tobacco and are interested in a best portable vaporizer that functions seamlessly, DopeBoo’s assortment of Randy’s dry herb and tobacco accessories are designed with your needs in mind.

Randy does not only offer some of the highest functioning vaporizers around but their perfectly structured rolling papers are guaranteed to help you roll a smooth finish every time with a convenient way of dealing with the but end of your smoke without burning your hands or wasting your stash.

At 77mm in length, Dopeboo’s showcased classic Wired Rolling Papers by Randy’s rolling papers feature single packs of either 1-¼’’ or slightly wider king size with a thin firm wire built in each style. This stainless steel wire acts as a support beam for even rolls that allow smokers to feel confident about rolling their own hand made joints and cigarettes. With high-quality papers that are manufactured from a blend of flax and tree pulp alongside a natural gum line from the African Acacia tree, these Wired Rolling Papers do away with smokers having to worry about rolling loose, frail or floppy joints and cigarettes that don’t hold up.

Randy’s Wired Rolling Papers make sharing joints, blunts and hand-rolled cigarettes easier to handle than ever before as the wire is built right in. It's simple to hold so that you can rely on it when your joint or cigarette gets too small to handle.

Founded in 1975 in the fun-loving city of San Francisco, Randy’s continues to develop new rolling papers/vapes and innovative smoking and dabbing accessories that break through the noise of dry herb industry to get the most out of your favorite strains, concentrates and tobacco products. Best of all, if you order with DopeBoo, you will receive free expedited shipping with every purchase.

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