Many people already have the best bongs and the best vaporizers in their smoking collection but are looking for a different type of experience that can only be achieved by rolling. Rolling can be considered a science or an art, giving people a lot of satisfaction when they get the perfect end result. If you want to smoke your favorite, legal dry herbs without any added equipment, rolling papers are for you. Taking this love into account, RAW has designed products that are sure to satisfy.

There’s often some skepticism about buying products online. People want to feel what they’re getting. But shopping online is just easier, and the selection is unbelievable, especially in the DopeBoo online head shop. If you’re looking to buy rolling papers online, definitely spend some extra time looking at RAW. RAW is often known for crafting the best rolling papers, and it’s no secret that each product is made with a different type of passion after reading the history of the company. The creator was struck with the idea of smoking “natural” cigarettes and was challenged with the idea to create natural paper for rolling herbs. Who wants to smoke products wrapped in artificial materials and potentially harmful chemicals? With that goal in mind, he quickly created one of the most well-known brands in the smoking industry.

Some prefer cones, some prefer classic rolling papers. RAW has you covered for both preferences. RAW papers give you the classic experience of rolling. Grab a paper, load in your favorite legal dry herbs, roll, moisten, seal, light up and enjoy. If you’re looking for something quicker, take a peek at the RAW cones. Load in your materials, pack them down, twist the end and you’re good to go. Show support for one of your favorite artists by checking out the RAW & Wiz collaboration. These two powerful forces joined together to create an innovative and remarkable line of rolling papers and cones that have all the great features of RAW products, with an edge.

RAW Organic Rolling Papers and RAW Pre-Rolled Organic Cones are definitely some favorites.  Grown without harsh pesticides and without toxic fertilizers, they’re already off to a good start. They’re also made of pure hemp and are processed in an eco-friendly manner for guilt-free smoking. Ethically, they’re great, but how is the experience? The taste is incomparable to other brands. The thin, light paper burns slow, so you can get the most of your smoke sesh, and the clean smoke is swoon-worthy.

Even if you’ve come looking for bongs and water pipes, you’re going to end up walking away with smoking accessories too. Whether you’re looking to amp up your pipes or stock up on replacement pieces for your vapes, the DopeBoo collection of accessories has you covered. Stay loyal to your new favorite brand by using the RAW rolling tray to keep track of your favorite herbs, and grab the RAW 4-Part Grinder in prep for rolling. No matter what you need, you’re going to find it here.

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