If you’re looking for innovative dry herb accessories to keep your stash protected and affordable one-hitters that are incredibly easy to use, then DopeBoo’s products by Ryot are right up your alley. Founded in 2000 at the turn of the millennium, Ryot crafts modern lifestyle accessories for legal herb connoisseurs. Their innovative products range from their notorious taster bats and authentic wooden grinders to their inventive rolling machine, crafty utility tools, and solidly built multi-chamber boxes to organize and store your strains and extracts.

Their Wooden Taster Bat w/ Digger Tip is engineered with solidly built aluminum teeth at the tip of the bowl to easily press it into your ground herb for quick puffs when you’re on the go. Designed to prevent the transfer of heat so that you never get burned while using it, this wooden taster bat is safe to use and incredibly simple to store in the smallest pockets. Available in two sizes; a large that runs three inches long and a small that runs two inches long, these portable but discreet pipes come in four rustic wood finishes to choose from of either rosewood, walnut, bamboo or maple for one classy taster bat.

Another sophisticated one-hitter by Ryot is their Aluminum Taster Bat w/ Spring Button. Equipped with a spring-loaded ejection system that’s reminiscent of a fancy ballpoint pen, this one-hitter is under ten bucks and can empty your scorched herbal remnants with a simple click of a button. Offered in a spectrum of colors that span the rainbow from blue, red, green, silver and gunmetal to walnut, rosewood, black and dark green, this one-hitter is affordable and can unscrew for easy cleaning. Similar to other Ryot taster bats, this spring-loaded one-hitter comes in a small two-inch size as well as a slightly larger three-inch size and is compatible with all of Ryot’s taster boxes. The knurled grip on the tip of the bowl end is perfect for gently grinding your herb into the bowl while the knurled grip on the base makes it a cinch to handle.

Yet these taster bats function even more beautifully if paired with one of Ryot’s colorful Acrylic Magnetic Taster Boxes. Available in four eye-catching colors of either blue, purple, green or yellow, these durable acrylic carrying cases feature two storage compartments; one to store Ryot’s taster bats and the other to store dry herbs. With an ergonomic pistol grip design that’s comfortable to use, the acrylic taster box comes in two sizes as well; a large size that can fit up 3.75 inch taster bats and a small size that can fit up to 2.75 inch taster bats. To access, you just turn the magnetic lid clockwise to reveal the one-hitter slot and counterclockwise to access the dry herb slot. It even comes with a metal poker to efficiently disperse your ground herb as well as a magnetic lid to secure your paraphernalia and contain any odor from seeping outside.  

When it comes to designing portable taster bats, durable taster boxes and magnetic grinders that are thrifty yet efficient, Ryot delivers. DopeBoo’s collection of Ryot products are highly functional, incredibly affordable and often quite reliable to have in your arsenal of smoking devices in case one should damage or break.

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