Empire Glassworks

Empire Glassworks Octopus Themed Glass Sherlock Pipe

Empire Glassworks presents a powerful work of art. These California-based artists handcraft each piece with American glass quality. This exquisite sherlock pipe is embedded with dynamic earthy hues and eye-catching textures. Thick glass construction complements the impressive artistry of the Octopus Pipe. A sturdy oval base allows you to store this work of art on display, for all to enjoy the ogling eyes and crawling arms of the aquatic creature. Glass marble accents opposite the side carb create a solid in-hand grip alongside total airflow control. Casually rip this sherlock from the neck that arches naturally upward. Reef and ocean floor inspiration spreads throughout the base coloring. A fully dimensional octopus elevates the design with a spark of personality. Pair with nature documentaries, beachside adventures, and meditation sessions. This excellent accessory is an ideal companion for every occasion. Browse our full selection of aquatic themed glass right here in the DopeBoo online shop.