Shine Papers

Shine Papers

Picture this, you’re enjoying a smoke session with your friends, and as you ash, you leave behind some gold flakes in the ashtray. What’s cooler than that? Seems impossible, doesn’t it? Well, Shine has made the impossible possible with their collection of 24K gold rolling papers. After enjoying a Black Tie Cigar, they thought, how can we let everyone enjoy the luxury of smoking gold? That’s where their gold rolling papers first started, and now they’ve become a go-to product for anyone looking to roll up.

When you go to buy rolling papers online, the DopeBoo online head shop is definitely the place to be. You’ll find the best bongs and the best vaporizers out there, not to mention a huge collection of accessories, which is where you’re going to find your papers. You’ll see RAW rolling papers, which are definitely a favorite of many. But the fancy Shine rolling papers are going to capture your attention. Most papers are the color of just that - paper. White, parchment or beige is what you usually see, but Shine takes you to an all new high with bold shades of metallic gold that are actually made of 24K gold. Who doesn’t want to smoke like royalty? Oh, and don’t worry, it’s edible gold.

You might already be sold on the idea of holding gold in your fingertips or of rolling your favorite dry herbs and flowers in a golden sheet. But, Shine products aren’t only impressive to the eye, but they’re impressive to use. They burn slowly and evenly so you can make the most of your herbs without burning right to the tip in an instant. With a hemp-blend base, your smoke is going to be smooth, going easy on your lungs and allowing you and the others in your rotation to inhale and enjoy with ease.

Everyone has a different preference for what they want to smoke, and how they want to smoke. That being said, Shine Papers gives you a bunch of different options to hook you up with exactly what you need. The 2 pack of Shine Papers Gold Rolling Papers is an easy option at a great value, but you can also check out the 2 Pack Gold Cigar Wraps for smoking your favorite tobacco products.

DopeBoo has you covered with bongs, pipes, vaporizers and much, much more. Bongs and vapes are great, giving you different experiences, but nothing compares to rolling. Rolling your herbs is an art. It lets you appreciate the smell, the texture and the flavor of your legal products that much more, in a way that’s simple and easy to learn or perfect. Simply grind your legal herbs or flowers, line them up, roll, seal and light up. If you want to skip the step of lining and rolling up, check out the Shine Papers Midas King Size Gold Cone that’s pre-rolled, requiring a simple twist off once you’re packed up.

Either way, you’re going to be impressed from start to finish. Don’t forget, you’re smoking gold, so your ashtray is going to be sprinkled with gold, too. That’s truly an experience you’re not going to get anywhere else, which is why DopeBoo has made sure to bring Shine to your collection.

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