You’ve made your way into the DopeBoo online head shop, so hopefully, you’ve checked out all that there is to see, including our super cool vapes, bongs, and accessories. When it comes to smoking accessories, rolling papers are what you’re often looking for, and the finest rolling papers are what you’re going to get from the DopeBoo collection. Raw rolling papers are a favorite of many, but SMK rolling papers shouldn't be overlooked! SMK rolling papers aren’t just produced in a random factory, they’re from the expert, Miguel Y Costa in Spain.

Making rolling papers since 1879, this is a brand that has stuck around for a reason - they know what they’re doing. Whether it’s the natural ingredients, pre-creased papers, cut corners or their ultra-thin design, there are a ton of features worth admiring.

Rolling papers put out my SMK are known for being ultra-fine. Check out the Ultra Fine 1-¼ Rolling Papers, for example. Their thin design means you get to enjoy your legal dry herbs and flowers by themselves, without smoking thick papers or unnatural glues. All you have to do is lick and flip before it’s ready to smoke, so you don’t have to keep sealing and re-sealing. This means you get more time to enjoy what you’re really here for - a quality smoke sesh. Some of their products are also pre-creased, so it’s easy to line up and roll your herbs for the perfect smoke. Cut corners are other features to look out for, giving a clean, finished look.

Bongs, vapes, and pipes are awesome in that they let you burn and light at your own pace. Deciding to roll means you don’t get that option, so you need to make sure you find papers that burn slow, so you aren’t ashing away all of your herbs before you even get to enjoy them. SMK rolling papers are designed to burn not just slowly, but super smooth. Work your way slowly through the roll and enjoy every last smooth intake, without feeling rushed.

Rolling gives you an intimate experience with your herbs. Instead of just packing them into bowls or vaporizers, you’re able to interact with them and craft a work of art. That’s what makes rolling papers so unique. They give you a chance to create the perfect masterpiece, making each puff just that much more worth it. Let’s also not forget that they pack an extra punch, which many smoking connoisseurs can appreciate.  

To make the perfect roll, you’re going to want a quality grinder. Head over to the DopeBoo collection of smoking accessories and see what grinders there are to choose from. Rest assured, you’re going to be looking through the best of the best, so no option is going to be a bad option. Storage containers are also an amazing option to keep your herbs fresh and flavorful in between packs. What are you waiting for? Stock up your collection now, and take advantage of the free and speedy shipping that will have you enjoying right away.

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