Vape pens are quickly becoming the tool of choice for smokers who want to get the most flavor from their herbs - and for good reason, they’re discreet, easily transportable, and they still deliver sizable hits filled with flavor without any of the harshness and byproduct present in rolled cigarettes or some water pipes. SOURCE is a standard-bearer when it comes to quality portable vapes, delivering sturdy yet easy to carry pieces in an attractive design. If you’re looking to get the best vape pen around, take a look at the impressive selection SOURCE has to offer.

DopeBoo has a large supply of vapes for sale, but the SOURCE pens are steadily among the best sellers. SOURCE products function as both a dry herb vape pen and as concentrate vaporizers, meaning you can enjoy flowers and concentrates, appreciating their full flavor wherever you go with your pen. We’re happy to be your online vape shop where you can browse for vaporizers until you find the exact one that suits your preferences. Maybe you’re looking for something to keep around the house and pass around with friends, or possibly you’re in need of a pen that you can take to the beach or stow away in a backpack when you head out to the trails. Whatever your needs, you’re sure to find the dry herb vaporizer or wax vaporizer you’re looking for.

The SOURCE Nail Vaporizer is a top of the line coil-free eRig that maximizes the flavor of your concentrates. You won’t have to worry about metallic flavors or troublesome fumes when you enjoy smooth hits from this eNail equipped piece. With this vaporizer you get full temperature control and three atomizer styles, making it the eNail of choice for the true connoisseur. Not only that, it’s the only truly portable vape of its type, so you can enjoy pure, coil-free hits wherever you go. If you’re looking for a top quality piece that you never have to leave at home, this is for you.

A more affordable option that still delivers the quality you’ve come to expect from SOURCE is the SOURCE Orb Slim Vaporizer. This handy tool comes in a travel case that’s a mere 5 inches wide by 3 inches high, making it a perfect fit for any purse backpack, or even your pocket. The included Orb slim attachment is a game changer that allows the user to control the airflow, depending on his or her preference. With this state of the art vape pen, you get a perfectly tailored experience that has made it a true favorite among enthusiasts.

Good vaporizers let you take a high-quality smoking experience that hits smooth and is full of flavor on the road and with you wherever you go. These days it’s hard to find a true connoisseur who doesn’t have at least one vape pen in their arsenal. SOURCE boasts a wide array of vaporizers sure to satisfy every enthusiast. Take a look at our selection at Dopeboo to find the perfect pen for you.

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