Boo Glass

Boo Glass Little Devil Hand Pipe

This is the perfect pipe for all of our mischievous smokers out there, the ones who were often in time-out when they were children. For the rule-breakers and risk-takers, this little devil hand pipe is the spoon pipe for you. The devil’s in the details with this pipe, as it has many hidden features that make it a fantastic pipe to add to your collection: two devil horns protrude from the bowl, and a devil’s tail wraps around the length of the pipe. Decked out in black and blood red, these nice worked glass touches also make the pipe easier to grip and stop breakage and spills. This devilish pipe also features a deep bowl, meaning you can sin as much as you want with your favorite herb and not have to repack. At 5.5 inches long, this is quite large for a spoon pipe, but the killer hits will leave you speechless.

Features of this Dry Pipe

Hand Pipe
This hand pipe rests casually in your palm (or paw), and works directly with dry herb or concentrates without the addition of water.
The most popular hand pipe design, spoon pipes are named for their resemblance to the venerable dinner utensil.
Dry Herb
This piece works with dry herbs! Dry herbs are the pure plant form, best when paired with a quality grinder for evenly cut material.
Deep Bowl
This pipe features a deep-set spoon to hold a large amount of ground material. That means lots of rips before needing to reload.
This piece includes a carb -- the small hole that channels fresh outside air into your pipe for a cooling, soothing effect. Place your thumb on the carb to allow your pipe to fill with smoke before letting go for a refreshing clearing action.
I've got my Boo Paw of Approval on this bulldog-strong glass. This piece is crafted with strong borosilicate glass that's known for being durable against breakage, resistant to extreme and quick-changing temperatures, and easy to clean.