My Bud Vase

My Bud Vase "Phoebe" Water Pipe

This one is for all of our flower fans out there--yes, the ones that comes in a bouquet and the ones you buy dried up in a bag. Celebrate your passion for beauty and nature with this incredible hand-crafted porcelain vase that also is conveniently a bong! This floral water pipe gets the job done in no time, and it’s cute to boot. Whether you are proud to show off this ingenious vase or you need to be discreet, simply turn the bong around to hide its other functionality--somebody might even try to stick a bouquet inside! These adorable little flowers even come with rhinestones on them for extra flair; the flowers serve a dual purpose too: you can use them to clean the downstem and bowl of any buildup. Enjoy this beautiful and one-of-a kind water pipe for your next girl’s night or for a day relaxing in the garden.