Upline Spoon Pipe

Embrace the Upline icon. From the mad-science minds of Micah Evans and Austin’s GRAV engineers, this is not your average spoon pipe. The signature element is a series of restrictions that redirect airflow for seriously smooth inhales. It’s a bit like a percolated hand pipe without the extra heft of bubbles! This makes it perfect for hassle-free at home smoke sessions while still being portable enough for heading out and about. Not only does this sturdy glass piece cool your draws in an incredibly efficient 4 inch length, it also acts as an ash catcher. Can you say, “Hallelujah!”? That’s right, no more ashy mouthfuls from your hand pipe--cause who can help having the lungs of a pro? Instead, you can load up your favorite ground material confident none will go to waste as unwanted flavor. In true Micah Evan’s style, this pipe also features his unique carb and mouthpiece construction. Be sure your piece is marked with the Upline logo for authenticity as imitators have yet to match such scientific precision! Please Note: decal colors selected at random.

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Warren S.
United States


great product, thanks

Matthew L.
United States

Great Piece, but

It is exactly what I was looking for, but wish it had some kind of color because it gets gross looking quick

Matthew L. verified customer review of Upline Spoon Pipe
Ryan S.
United States


Very good. Timely shipping and good packaging.

Leighton R.


An awesome portable glass piece that cools smoke and catches ash so you don't have to worry about ashy tongues as the bowl starts to dwindle.

Henley Y.

Best spoon pipe ever

The ash catcher is really what makes all the difference. I'll never go back to a spoon without one!

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DopeBoo Best Seller!

A mellow calm rushes through you picking up this inexpensive, highly scientific spoon pipe. This piece is as satisfying as an ice-cold beer; it quenches your thirst for relaxation. Stow it in purse or pocket on your way to game night or a night out on the town! Crystal clear glass won’t clash with your personal style, but stands out from the crowd with GRAV Labs’ signature sophistication.

Technical Specs:

  • 4.2 Inches Long

  • Strong 4mm Borosilicate Glass

  • Design by Micah Evans x GRAV Labs

  • "Advanced Perconomics" of Upline's Ladder Percs

  • Perc Restrictions act as Ash Catcher

  • Clear Scientific Glass

Restrictions To Free Your Taste Buds

GRAV's glass-art phenomenon, Micah Evans, has masterminded a piece that's not only beautiful but dependable. Integrated into the pipe itself is a three-tiered restriction to cool each inhale while working as an ash-catcher, too! These glass rings redirect airflow to keep ash and resin inside the pipe so you can enjoy the taste of Chicago-style pizza; your latest culinary concoction; or whatever Uber Eats has to offer -- minus the taste of soot in your mouth.

The Carb
+ The Mouthpiece

The ingeniousness of this design of this spoon extends all the way to the side carb and mouthpiece. The round carb and mouthpiece jut out slightly, allowing the user a more pleasant tactile experience.

The Style

The Upline Spoon Pipe is almost entirely transparent aside from a small arrow-shaped decal. This lets the spoon’s sleek engineering do the talking.

Overall Performance

It only takes a few puffs to fall in love. The restrictions on this pipe let you enjoy the experience instead of gathering debris on your tongue. In fact, you can actually see how effective the restrictions are after a few uses. Ash and resin largely stay inside the bowl itself and the first restriction, becoming increasingly less apparent closer to the mouthpiece. The slightly protruding mouthpiece and carb create a firm grip. There's simply no learning curve for this spoon pipe: Add dry herbs and have a lighter handy. That means it's ready to rip any time, anywhere.

GRAV Labs Upline Spoon Pipe
GRAV Labs Upline Spoon Pipe

This is a wondrous, stylish pipe that saves your taste buds while providing a premium smoking experience at a budget price. With tough, transparent glass it is a durable delight; perfect for showing off to friends or a quiet night at home.