Nucleus Hexagon Silicone Jar

Nucleus, an industry leader in beautiful, high-quality glassware, has developed an innovative design made with dabbers in mind. These Hexagon Silicone Jars are the perfect shape for dab tools on the hunt for those pesky little hard to grab peices of concentrate that love to hide. Nucleus and their nifty Hexagon Shaped Silicone Jars are ready to make your dabbing experience that much more comfortable, saving you the hassle of melted concentrates and hard to find pieces. Ultra safe, silicone snap lid won't let go, and their deep dish design leaves plenty of room for lots of your favorite concentrates. Available in multiple colors and designs including Green and White Swirl, Blue and White Swirl, Green and Pink Swirl, Pink/Yellow/Blue Swirl, Pink and Yellow Swirl, Yellow and Black Swirl, and Red Rose. Nucleus has a long-standing reputation for providing the best in herbal-friendly accessories, and these Silicone Jars are no exception.