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Straight Stem Bongs

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Straight stem bongs and water pipes are as timeless as the rolled cigarette. There are numerous advantages, however, to upgrading to water filtration. Each glass pipe will swirl your smoke over a bed of water--and through a number of... Read More

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Bongs for Beginners


Thinking about upgrading to a top-notch quality piece with all the elements required for clean, precise inhales? Here’s a basic breakdown of features to consider when buying a bong:

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Borosilicate Glass: What's in Your Bong?


You see it listed as a water pipe perk all the time, but what is “Borosilicate Glass” really and why does it matter? We’re here to break down what it means for your bong collection.... Read More
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The 5 Must Have Smoking Essentials for Summer 2017


That’s right, there's still time left in summer! We’ve put together a list of five Summer 2017 essentials for every type of enthusiast.... Read More