Santa Cruz Shredder

Santa Cruz Medium 4 Piece Shredder Grinder

If there is ever an essential part to the use of herbal remedies, a high-quality grinder is it. Imperative to the overall experience, a grinder is an investment, and when you're putting your product inside, it better work. The fine people at Santa Cruz Shredder have developed one of the most exceptional grinders on the market today.

About the Santa Cruz Medium 4 Piece Shredder Grinder:

Their Medium Four Piece Shredder is one gorgeous grinder. Glittering with color, it wears the Santa Cruz Shredder logo on the top, letting everyone know you have good taste in herb - and in grinders. Measuring 2 1/8 inches in diameter, this professional-grade anodized aluminum herb grinder is built to last.

A four-part system, featuring a unique threading pattern that stops accidental spills, a friction ring, and a textured grip. Don't waste any of your herb with this multi-screened, multi-level grinder. It has separate compartments that hold tight with a strong magnetic locking system.

Made in Santa Cruz, California this is a serious piece of necessary equipment.