Toker Poker

Toker Poker

These days it seems that lighters are becoming more and more multi-functional thanks to innovative and creative lighter cases that are designed to fit your standard Bic lighter with incredible ease. Ergonomically designed to fit snugly on your lighter, the Master Case Toker Poker enhances your dry herb or tobacco smoking experience substantially by enabling you to: poke it, pack it, puff it and pass it as their company byline suggests. The Master Case Toker Poker smoking accessories are the perfect lighter holsters to have on hand. Not only are these lighter accessories comfortable to hold and quite affordable at well under twenty dollars, these Master Class Toker Pokers include three unique features to dramatically enhance your smoking experience without getting your hands dirty or burned.

Available in a selection of vibrant colors that include yellow, pink, green, black and grey, the Toker Poker lighter case features a stainless steel poker that you can use to your stir legal dry herb in your bowl, a tamper or flat stainless steel piece that you can use to pack your favorite strains of flower and a hemp wick holder that you can thread an all natural hemp wick in if you prefer to do away with your lighters rather toxic butane fumes. As a reliable product, these Master Case Toker Poker products were recognized in the 2014 Cannabis Cup as one of the top 11 Toke of the Town products for its simplicity, design and outstanding multi-functionality. Standing at just three inches high, the Master Case Toker Poker is compact and stays firmly attached to your lighter for seamless portability. Once you snap it on, you can slip it into your pocket and take it just about anywhere.  

All in all, our Master Case smoking accessories include everything that you would need to smoke a bowl within the palm of your hand. It's ergonomic lighter sleeve design can hold up to five feet of hemp wick, fold in your stainless steel poker similar to a pocket knife when you’re not using it and control your heat source with its flat tamper so that you will never burn your fingers when smoking. Whether you are rolling dry herb or tobacco or smoking out of one of your preferred bowls, our Master Case Toker Poker is always convenient when you’re looking to clean, stir, pack or poke your material for smooth and even burns. Best of all, our DopeBoo smoking accessories include fast and free shipping with every purchase. Browse our Master Case Toker Pokers on our DopeBoo online head shop for a color that’s right for you and elevate your smoking experience today!

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