Vaporfection has spent the last few years collecting the input and wants of customers to deliver revolutionary products that do more than just get the job done - they get it done with perfection.

Lots of people are setting aside the bongs and pipes, and instead, are reaching for vaporizers. With a dry herb vape, active ingredients are released gently, creating smoother hits. Additionally, not as much plant material is left behind with vaping as opposed to smoking, so you’re going to get more out of your herbs and a lot more for your money.

From desktop vaporizers to portable designs, there is an endless selection to choose from when you come into the DopeBoo vape shop. Desktop vaporizers sit on a flat surface for an intense solo or group vape sesh, while portable vapes are great for on-the-go use. Vaporfection has taken the best quality of all types of vapes and combined them into jaw-dropping designs. Each of their vapes is loaded with technology. Vaporfection recognizes that the best way to get the most of your legal dry herbs and flowers is by heating them enough to create strong vapor, but not enough to cause them to burn. This means more flavor and sweet aroma for you to enjoy during your vape sesh. Look at options like the miVape Vaporizer for a completely customized experience. Adjust the temperature to the strength that you want and reference the LED screen for precision. Some of their newest products also feature Vapor Sense™ technology, which automatically detects where the temp should be at based on your preferences.

A pure vaping experience starts at the vape - what’s it made of and what are your herbs coming into contact with. All you need to know with Vaporfection is that they’re materials promote just that - vapor perfection. Every one of their vapes is made with medical-grade glass-on-glass heating elements and chambers that keep your vapor pure. You don’t want the ceramics, metals, and plastics of other vapes that can contaminate your blends. You want your herbs, clean and simple.

It’s no secret that the miVape vaporizer and viVape Vaporizer are two favorites from Vaporfection. With either of them, you’re not going to be disappointed. Make sure you can prep, load and enjoy your herbs to the fullest by not only finding the perfect vape but by stocking up on the dopest accessories too. DopeBoo has you covered with a huge range of tools, adapters, grinders, replacement parts, chargers and more, so you can make the most of your love for vaping.

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