GRAV 9" Upright Bubbler Bong w/Tunsten Showerhead Downstem

Height: 9 inches

Contemporary in style and function, this GRAV design will let you instantly experience why these engineers are the best in the business. From the highly-acclaimed creators of the Helix and Gravitron, this particular pipe will will surely get the conversations bubbling. It’s scientific glass quality boasts an unrivaled 50mm thick wall tubing for futuristic seeming durability. Simply pull from the conveniently angled mouthpiece to savor smoke that’s been softened at a professional level of precision. This is done with a showerhead diffuser downstem that’s both recessed and Dewar sealed. A 14mm glass funnel sits atop the straight tube for easily loading your favorite ground material as they prepare for next-level transformation. The easy to maneuver shape feels natural in-hand and makes it great for both personal use and passing around with friends. Between the solid glass and sturdy flared base, you won’t even have to worry about a tumble. Please Note: decal colors selected at random.