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18" Pulsar Recycler Water Pipe - 14mm Female


This not-so-little lady packs a punch! With double the recycling action, she stacks up to 18 inches of unbelievably smooth cloudmaking capability. From the reinforced 14mm female joint, your favorite legal herbs are transformed through natural water filtration paired with the hydrodynamic power of percolation. That means for every (doubled) cycle, your inhales are also diffused through an impeccable 5 arm tree perc before hitting your lips through the comfortably angled mouthpiece. Your friends will think you stepped into the future to find this Pulsar wonder with such an impressive aesthetic! And with the advanced durability of borosilicate glass, you don’t have to worry about passing it around--this isn’t your average dainty everyday construction. You can feel the quality in the weight and see it in the light-catching lustre. This Pulsar piece comes fitted with a 14mm male funnel slide. Superb craftsmanship paired with inspiring smoke quality makes this one monumental.

18" Recycler Water Pipe - 14mm Female