Boo Glass

Boo Glass 8 Inch Bong w/ Matrix Barrel Perc

Check Out Our 8 Inch Bong with Matrix Barrel Perc - Affordable and Effective!

Here's an 8 inch cylindrical can bong that's equipped with a matrix barrel perc and includes many features that most of our clients are looking for. This scientific glass pipe contains a matrix barrel perc that includes many slits for maximum diffusion and filtration of your smoke. It also contains an 14mm female joint, a thick rounded base, flared mouthpiece, and a bent neck to keep all the water inside the pipe. This glass pipe includes an 14mm male bowl and colored accents on the mouthpiece and bottom base.


  • 1.3" Diameter mouthpiece
  • 3.7" Diameter base
  • Incl. 14mm male bowl
  • Bent neck design ensures no water reaches your mouth
  • Made with thick high quality borosilicate glass
  • 1.3" diameter extra thick mouthpiece w/ thick rounded base for durability
  • Stereo matrix perc provides zero drag filtration and maximum flavor
  • Compatible with 14mm male banger
  • Colors include: Smoke, Pink, Green, Slime Green, Purple