Boo Glass

9" Raked Hook Horn Bubble Bong

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Once you've hit it, you'll be hooked! To the Hook Horn Bubble Beaker Bong.

In the wild, a goat or other Ungulate with horns going in opposite directions like this would be lucky if it were ever to find a mate! Fortunately these horns belong to a 9" bubble beaker bong that you'll easily fall in love with. The curved horn accented bent neck is an obvious stand out however the design is also very functional, offering both an ice catcher and splashguard feature.

The bubble beaker base allows for large amounts of smoke to build up with each hit, with raked colored glass circling the outside of the base. The coloring will remind you of rolling waves flowing around the 3" wide base. A removable 3 inch 14mm female downstem extends into the beaker base to transfer your smoke into the water of the chamber. After the smoke has filtered through the water through the naturally aspirated  downstem perc, you can expect a smooth, great tasting hit. As the smoke travels up the winding neck, water is left behind at every level so there is no chance of splashback. Speaking of your lips, the flared mouthpiece located at the top will give you a perfect place to inhale creating an airtight seal. The colors that surround the bottom of the 8" Raked Hook Horn Bubble Bong also match the included 14mm male bubble bowl.

No steer wrassling required with these horns, just great smoking sessions ahead!