Aroma Top for Super Surfer (also works with SSV)

Check out our Glass Aroma Tops. These things are super heavy and thick, and they fit perfectly on the Silver Surfer and Super Surfer Vaporizer. 

Heads Up!  We recommend using wax melts that are infused with essential oils or fragrance. If you want to use pure essential oils we highly recommend that you start by using a non fragrant wax and then add your oils to the wax.

Aroma Top Description

This is the new aroma top for the Silver Surfer and Super Surfer.  This is our upgraded version where we have made the dish from borosilicate glass to avoid any cracking from heating or cooling too fast if one is to put in cold oils.  Now, you can put in cold oils in a hot dish and you are safe.  What we are really excited about is that you can now upgrade the dish with a marble!  


  • Black powder coated adapter
  • 1 borosilicate dish