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Empire Glassworks Beehive Recycler Water Pipe

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The sea is full of surprises, good and bad: whether you have nightmares of the kraken or you love sea monsters, there's no doubt that this kraken bong is the coolest thing you've ever heard of, let alone smoked from. Not only will you love staring at this beauty as you drift into the clouds, you'll find that this baby packs a punch: as a dual-use bong, you can use both dry herb and oil with this bong. With beautiful sea animals like corals, fish, and even ships, you'll love the design and artwork of this bong; you'll also find that the smoke from this bong is smoother than most, as it's chock full of accessories: from a honeycomb percolator that further filters your smoke through over 30 small holes to lots of reinforced thick glass that give your bong reinforced durability, this bong is high quality and is built to last.