Boo Glass

Boo Glass Bob Marley Assorted 4pc Herb Grinder

Spark some good vibes in your dry herb routine. The Bob Marley Four-Piece Herb Grinder comes in small and large sizes to suit your lifestyle. High quality aluminum construction makes this piece sturdy enough to bring along on epic adventures – it can handle being banged around. Aluminum quality also creates a crisp, clean cut in the teeth of the top chamber. Fresh cut flower falls beneath the top chamber into an herb chamber. The large sized option is excellent for storing pre-cut dry herb for low maintenance sessions. Bob Marley will have you singing happy tunes with a laidback vibe to guide you through the dry herb experience. Even the finest material is stored in a bottom chamber. The pollen catcher can be used to sprinkle condensed material into your pipes, or can even be used to cook with later. This enthusiast’s secret will transform your ritual with top-notch quality that also stops your pipes from clogging with crisp cut material.