Boo Glass

Boo Glass 3 Arm Tree Perc Ashcatcher

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Keep percs clean and puffs powerful with the always-welcome addition of an ash catcher. This essential accessory complements a water pipe with extra diffusion and an effective trap for potential build-up. Such a simple upgrade can completely transform even already excellent water pipes, and certainly makes a world of difference on an average piece of glass. The scientific glass accessory measures 4.5 inches tall and is available in multiple joint sizes (14mm or 18mm) and joint angles (45-degree or 90-degree). Soothe every inhale through an effective 3-arm tree perc before goodness even enters your water pipe. This piece is available in three color combos: a crisp clear glass, rich blue accents, and a dynamic touch of green. While cleansing each puff with an added touch of style, the ash catcher engineering captures loose residue before it can clog up your precious piece. This essential upgrade makes an enormous impact for its affordable price tag.