Boo Glass

Boo Glass 45˚ Ashcatcher with Matrix Perc

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You could spend hours every month washing out your bong and doing everything you can to get the grime out of your water pipe, or you could just add on an ashcatcher. This 45 degree ashcatcher does double duty: first, it helps to filter any unwanted particulates from the dry herb and stop them from entering the pipe (or your lungs). Second, this ashcatcher features a matrix perc that will filter smoke before it even enters the water. After traveling through this bong attachment, the smoke will enter the water pipe’s main chamber, ash free and pre-filtered. Since this bong accessory is crafted from our very own Boo Glass, it’s one of our most affordable bong accessories and doesn’t sacrifice quality for price. What is there not to love with this ashcatcher perc combo? Pair it with any 45 degree female jointed water pipe in either 14mm or 18mm sizes.