Boo Glass

Boo Glass Mathematix 8" Raked Beaker Water Pipe

Trippy lines and vibrant vibes! This excellent piece of glass is crafted from thick borosilicate endlessly satisfying rips. A widened beaker base maximizes water filtration power as every inhale travels through the fixed downstem. Simply place your lips on the comfortably flared mouthpiece and experience the straightforward efficiency of this scientific silhouette. Mathematix delivers deluxe American glass quality, crafting each piece in Los Angles, California. This essential piece features a 45 degree female joint supported by a resilient rubber grommet at the funnel bowl. The Raked Beaker Bong stacks up to a total of 8 inches, making this water pipe perfect for carrying from back porch to kitchen table – whatever the situation calls for! The pipe includes a deep-loading funnel bowl for your favorite ground material, that’s complemented by the addition of an always-welcome pinch handle. This asset allows you to protect your fingertips from the fire-hot heat as you clear the chamber. It makes for one undeniable hard-hitter.