Boo Glass

Boo Glass 90˚ Double Showerhead Perc Recycler Ashcatcher

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Are you tired of your bong and thinking maybe you need to purchase a whole new one? Maybe you haven’t thought of an upgrade to your filtration system: Consider this 90 degree ashcatcher as the Swiss army knife of the water pipe accessory world. Not only is it an ashcatcher, it works double duty as a perc recycler, giving you the smoothest hits to add on to your bong. This recycler features two showerhead percs, transforming even the worst smoke into something you can dream about. By using an ashcatcher, you’ll keep both your water pipe and your lungs much cleaner. Even more, this all-glass ashcatcher and perc is made of thick, premium Scientific glass that’s safe to smoke from and durable than most other types of glasses. Pair this with any 90 degree 14mm female jointed pipe and you’re ready to rip!