Boo Glass

Boo Glass Barrel Perc Dual Incycler

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This five-star water pipe is here to launch your concentrate experience to the next level. In an impressive 9 inch silhouette, this Boo Glass Dual Incycler is fitted with an endless list of deluxe enhancements. Crafted with thick scientific glass, this excellent incycler measures 5mm thick. Available in clear glass or with pink colored accents, the captivating water pipe is a work of art. Dab your favorite concentrates onto the heated nail, and witness the transformation as rich concentrate vapor travels through the 90-degree, 14mm male Dewar’s joint. An advanced barrel perc cleanses and diffuses through impressive hydrodynamics for aah-worthy inhales. Incycler engineering sends your vapor through the percolator multiple times in a constant cleansing cycle. Goodness finally hits your lips through the flared mouthpiece atop a comfortably bent neck. This must-have dab rig also functions flawlessly with dry herbs – simply swap the dome and nail for a female bowl slide for a little dry herb delight!