Boo Glass

Boo Glass Beaker Base Water Pipe

Simply scientific! Whether you’re watching Dexter’s Lab or are just a fan of sophisticated silhouettes, this unburdened water pipe will launch you into the stratosphere. A sleek beaker base maximizes the cooling effects of water filtration as smoke passes through the fixed downstem and out through the comfortable flared mouthpiece. At a perfectly petite 9-inches, the pipe is crafted from thick American glass with a joint reinforced by resilient rubber grommets. The funnel-shaped slide boasts a deceptively deep bowl for ultimate satisfaction in smoke delivery that will have you in awe of your own cloud sizes! This minimalist design comes highly rated by both novices and seasoned smokers. Newbies will appreciate the straightforward system that’ll have you lifted with a one-two punch. Long-time enthusiasts always seem to return to the basics of this beaker base pipe for it’s low maintenance construction and direct hits in sturdy, scientific glass. The polished piece is sure to impress whether in use or just looking badass on your bookshelf.

Height: 9 inches

• Beaker Base
• Clear Glass
• Great Budget Water Pipe
• Rubbet Grommet For Air Tight Seal
• Thick Scientific Glass
• Beaker
• Clear Glass
• Deep Bowl
• Flared Mouthpiece
• Fixed Downstem
• Scientific Glass
• Thick Glass