Boo Glass

Boo Glass Black Dragon Bong

An enchanting dragon makes for an intense sesh. Perfect for fantasy lovers, this dragon water pipe boasts powerful puffs without setting your throat on fire. This 9 inch tall bong makes a great sidekick you’ll always want within reach. It’s size is perfect for both personal pleasure and passing in pairs. Give it a rip from the sleek mouthpiece that extends upward from the dragon’s spine. Fresh dry herb is transformed as it journeys through the sturdy 14mm, 90-degree female joint. The 3 inch wide base rests easy in your palm as you take legendary inhales from this inspired design. The crisp white base adds a splash of style and water filtration that cools and cleanses so you won’t be breathing fire. Keep this pipe proudly on display for your friends to gaze into this fantastic creature’s fierce red-eyed gaze. What magnificent adventures will the Dragon Bong lead you to?