Boo Glass

Boo Glass Bubble Honeycomb Spoon Pipe

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What’s all the buzz about with this spoon pipe? It looks exactly like honeycomb from a beehive! This light yellow glass spoon pipe has a system of bubbles inside that looks just like honeycomb. Perfect for any bee enthusiasts or even people who like eating honey, this pipe is an adorable addition to any smoker’s collection. Not only does it have a unique honeycomb design, it’s also made of the one and only fumed glass: fumed glass is a special type of glass that changes colors with different quantities and direction of light. Turn the pipe around in your hands and watch the honeycomb turn from light yellow to a dusty pink. Not only is this glass beautiful, it’s super thick, with a nice deep bowl to match. This spoon pipe is durable and large enough for big smoking circles, no matter how many friends are lighting up with you.