Boo Glass

Boo Glass Ceramic Universal Carb Cap & Dabber for 14mm/18mm

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Simply excellent. Elevate your concentrate experiences with a top-notch tool that channels every last wisp of vapor throwing through your rig. This extract essential is made of sturdy ceramic for clean concentrate delivery. Ceramic is popular among enthusiasts for preserving fresh, pure flavors and aromas. The Universal Carb Cap Dabber is designed for both 14-millimeter and 18-millimeter joints – so you don’t need to buy a separate carb cap and dabber as your pipe collection grows. Ready for anything, this simply genius design is like having 4 tools in 1! Once the nail is heated on your dab rig, use the pointed ceramic tip to scoop concentrates from the silicone storage jar to the nail. As you inhale, place the cupped end over the nail to control air flow. More airflow can amplify cloud size, and stop material from going unused. The right dab tool also stops product from going to waste on sticky fingers!