Boo Glass

Boo Glass Christmas Tree Bong

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Celebrate Christmas all year long with this intricate and festive Christmas Tree Bong by Boo Glass. No matter what month it is, it will always feel like your home for the holidays when you pick up this thick, ultra-luxe piece of glassware. Although it's small in stature, standing only 5.5 inches high, this glass Christmas Tree Bong is chock full of good old-fashioned Christmas spirit! Multicolor glass bumps wrap around the tree, sparkling just like real lights. The fixed downstem, connected to the polished female joint, looks like a candy cane, and unless you're a Grinch, you're bound to smile. The base and polished joint of this Christmas star are made with clear glass so you won't miss a minute of the festivities. The beautiful luxe glass bowl has a 14mm male joint and a handle, perfect for keeping your fingers out of the heat. This brilliantly crafted Christmas Tree Bong Tree has a nifty brown glass splashguard design, an excellent feature for anyone who hates the taste of bong water. This year, start your own tradition and gather your friends and family around the Christmas Bong!