Boo Glass

Boo Glass Cigarette Bat

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Snag a Cigarette Bat by Boo Glass! Use it to replace your worn-out dugout piece or for quick, personal rips. They conveniently come in a pack of 2, 5, 50, and 100. When one is out of commission, another one is always ready to rip! The body of the tube is made from clean ceramic with a durable, heat-ready aluminum tip. Its cigarette design is discrete and portable for on-the-go occasions from walking home from work to a weekend adventure. Never find yourself at a loss with this little sidekick! Take your pic between a 2-inch or 3-inch length. Simply tap the aluminum tip into freshly ground dry herbs (which you can keep right in your grinder!) and spark it with your lighter. Pull from the filter-colored end which makes it easy to remember which end is which. A 2-in-1 storage container and grinder like the Medtainer is a perfect companion.