Boo Glass

Boo Glass Cosmic Pipe

• DankStop Spoon
• Deep Bowl
• Glass Hand Pipe
• Heavy Glass
• Colored Glass
• Thick Glass

Get galactic with this Cosmic DankStop hand pipe! Crafted with genuine American glass, the solid construction will hold its own against purse or pocket on your way to a stargazing smoke sesh. Take a puff, lean back, and ponder the stars. The spoon head holds a solid sized load of ground (legal) dry herb--more than enough to send you out of this world--while maintaining a perfectly portable size. The futuristic aesthetic will hold its own against buildup, so you won’t watch the colors deteriorate as is common among lower quality pipes. Fortunately, DankStop is all about experienced design for the true enthusiast. Like a connoisseur, they’ve added a bubble bead opposite the side carb for ergonomic positioning as well as the cooling effect of a carburetor. The final polishing touch is a contoured mouthpiece for a cool, comfortable draw. Give it a go if you’re looking to get spacey mates!