Boo Glass

Boo Glass Dichro Stripe Fritted Hand Pipe

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This Rainbow Sparkle Hand Pipe blends the best of glass art technique. Vibrant colors come bursting forth in a lively fritted glass design. Dazzling dichroic glass creates a spacy rainbow stripe that dances in the light. Perfect for a fun day in the sun, chilling with the barbeque or on a romp through the park. Red, yellow, green, and blue glass create instant visual pleasure in this impressive piece. A chunky contoured neck adds to the unique vibe while offering a sturdy in-hand feel. Fingers fall into place over a side carb. Efficient airflow control lets you add a splash of fresh, outside air to flow through the portable silhouette. Captivating colors are ready to impress as you pull it from your pocket festival hopping or lounging couchside. This five-star hand pipe brings a positive to every sesh! Where will you flaunt your new sidekick?