Boo Glass

Boo Glass Dichro Striped Rasta Elephant Pipe

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And you thought your spoon pipe was cute, right? This baby elephant water pipe is so adorable that you may not even want to smoke from it. This striped elephant pipe stands on four little legs that help keep your bowl upright when not in use to stop spilling and breakage; there’s a beautiful dichro glass stripe running down the middle of the pachyderm. Dichro glass is prized for its sparkling, shiny flecks of lights inside the glass, and you’ll love looking at it as you float higher into the clouds. The elephant’s trunk is actually the mouthpiece, and as you’ll notice, the bowl on this pipe is absolutely enormous, almost enough for an actual elephant to enjoy. Pack this bowl up and you’ll be set for days, either at home or sharing with friends at a social event. This is the perfect pipe for animal lovers and elephant fans alike.